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Experts in Tenant's Rights

Story Griffin Attorneys - CLE Speakers

Our law partners are frequently asked to speak at continuing education conferences and to train other attorneys in areas of Fair Credit and Tenant Law.

Here is our Junior Partner, Austin Griffin, recently speaking at the CLE, Public Interest Law Section on Fair Credit Report Act & Tenant Screening.

Speakers: Adam Thoresen, Jacksonville Area Legal Aid, Inc., Austin J. Griffin, Story Griffin Law Firm. Co-sponsored by Florida Legal Services and the Public Interest Law Section (PILS) of The Florida Bar's Consumer and Tenant Protection Workgroup

It is no secret that there is a growing housing crisis as hedge funds sweep in buying up our local homes and hiring massive national companies to manage their rental properties. 

It is also no surprise that with upwards of 70,000 properties per company that tenants are falling between the cracks and in some cases, being exploited.

Obnoxious Property Management Company?

Aggressive Attorneys 

No Recovery/No Fee

Do not be bullied by your HOA or Property Management Company!

Serving Jacksonville, the Beaches, Orlando and surrounding areas.

You may be entitled to get money from your propert​y management company, homeowners' association or condo association.

We help you get the money you deserve.

Call us for a free case review today!

We are here for you when your management company or HOA is not.

If you have a major dispute and believe your management company or HOA is out of line, you can take legal action.

For example, the management company may charge you frivolous fees or retain your deposit before giving you a chance to dispute it, or a HOA might be asking that you take some action (or refrain from some action) that isn't officially covered in the CC&Rs. Or it might be unfairly favoring some homeowners over others. Maybe even imposing frivolous fines that are not allowed by law.

Because property management companies and HOAs are legal entities, you can file a lawsuit against them and ask a court to get involved. A judge can order them to obey their own rules and state or federal laws. A court can even decide that a certain rule is unfair or unconstitutional and order it to be stricken or removed from the HOA governing documents, with assistance from an experienced law firm.

Tips on what to do if you have incurred a frivolous fine:

Contact our office for your free consultation. 

If we take you case, our legal fees for services will be recovered from the offending property association.

The 11th Circuit has recently held that property management companies are liable under the Florida Consumer Collection Practices Act, as well as the Fair Debt Practices Act.


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Types of Claims

Frivolous Fines

Payment Processing Fees

Selective Enforcement

Improper Liens

Failure to return a security deposit without giving the tenants the allowed time to contest it.

Class Action Law Suits Throughout Florida and Nationwide

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